Zacks Phthalocyanine

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“This work, which Phthalocyanine calls his most advanced work to date, features 40 minutes of his unique experimental chaotic style of experimental techno/electronica that continually balances on the fineline between audio chaos and order. As in his previous 4 PHTHALO releases, the tracks are composed of disjointed rhythms, shifting melodies, dark atmospheres, and seemingly random sounds. After repeated listens, order slowly develops amid this chaotic sonic mix allowing the listener to appreciate the method to PHTHALO’s madness. Fans of Kid 606, Lesser, The Electric Company, V/Vm and previous Phthalocyanine releases know what to expect.” (E.X.P.)

“If the Aphex Twin is too sensible a sound and Mouse On Mars is too melodic, then the mad scientist ethos of Phthalocyanine is what you are looking for. This is the electronica sound of a tooth extraction. Spasmodic clatter ofdense walls of arrhythmic drill speed breakbeats.” (Aquarius Records)