Ångestmaskin Stalaktiten och Mirjam

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Extreme synthesis experiments computer coded soundeffects. “Brilliant 26-theme collection of relatively short 1/0 themed constructions by one Martin Abrahmsson (aka Bauri on the Saundart/Pitchcadet/City-Centre Offices/etc. labels), an electronic music producer based outside of Karlskoga, Sweden who claims to ’design sounds equivalent to hardcore mind magic, heavy mental noise love and lush polyexpanding units of lucky fresh feelings’. Ack (working on locking that thought away somewhere dark). Whether on not he’s situated on the right bank of the self-presentation river is of little consequence; this has got to be one of the most sorted/eclectic sets of digital audio fuckery to come out of ANY camp over the last few months. Nice tidy IDM, minimal pulse bits, and analog washes are laced with blasts of random static/feedback/gangsta lean/Mego-isms/etc... An instant SAS classic.” -- Hrvatski.

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Stalaktiten och Mirjam

  • CD
    PH 16

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