Jeff Greinke

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Jeff Greinke began composing and performing music in 1980 while studying meteorology at Pennsylvania State University. He later moved to Seattle, Washington and, with Rob Angus, formed the production company INTREPID through which he produced his first LP, Cities in Fog. He has since released numerous critically acclaimed recordings including three on Linden Records. Greinke’s music can also be heard on many compilations and has been featured at New Music America in Montréal, Canada and on the radio programs Echoes, Hearts of Space, and US Ear. He has composed music for film, video, dance, theatre, radio, and art installations. Jeff Greinke’s music is characteristically rich in texture, depth, and subtle detail achieved through an intuitive and meticulous process of layering. His instruments include piano, guitar, trombone, synthesizer, sampler, percussion, and voice. Suite

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Jeff Greinke

Résidence: Tucson (Arizona, ÉU)

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