Artistes John Kamevaar

John Kamevaar

Utrecht (Pays-Bas), 1950

Résidence: Toronto (Ontario, Canada)

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CEC-PeP / CEC 92CD / 1992
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Sublime Sublimation

John Kamevaar, Musicworks, no 70, 1 mars 1998

Francis Dhomont is an internationally recognized pioneer of electroacoustic music composition, specifically within the genre known as “musique concrète” or acousmatic music. In general terms, the primary method of the genre is the manipulation and signal-processing of recorded sonic events (controlled or observed) from an unlimited scope of sound sources (frequently not musical instruments). These elements are often combined in various ways with electronic music produced on synthesizers and computers. In concert, the most preferred presentation is through multiple speaker arrangements, facilitating variable dynamic spatial location of sound. In the past twenty years, Dhomont has divided his time between France and Montréal, having until recently taught at the Université de Montréal. Both his work and his teaching have had an enormous impact on the development of the art-form in this country.

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