Emilie Cecilia LeBel

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Emilie LeBel is an emerging composer, audio engineer, and music educator based in Toronto. She has studied at the University of Victoria, Harris Institute for the Arts and York University. Presently, she is completing doctoral studies in composition at The University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music. She has participated in workshops and residencies including: Le Centre d’arts Orford, The Scotia Festival of Music, New Adventures in Sound Art (Sound Travels Festival and Deep Wireless Festival of Radio and Transmission Art), The Banff Centre, The Canadian Contemporary Music Workshop and Soundstreams Canada.

Emilie composes both acoustic and electroacoustic works for concerts, film and stage. She has also worked on a variety of collaborative projects with visual, performance and video artists. She draws on many influences to create her compositions including: her interest in narrative, her classical training, her work with visual art, her fascination with electronics, her interest in interdisciplinary projects and her involvement with contemporary improvisation. Her compositions aim to avoid and break traditional boundaries in style, form and substance. She strives to create music that is imaginative, embraces the unusual, and draws from a wide spectrum of sounds.


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Emilie Cecilia LeBel

Montréal (Québec), 1983

Résidence: Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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