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Junya Oikawa works internationally, and now lives in Karlsruhe (Germany) as a guest artist at the ZKM. In pursue for the possibility of digital sound art expression, he reaches out to multiple sound and music fields including installation.

His works have been introduced in several of the most upcoming international exhibitions, festival, concerts, and media. He received several commissions and, in 20133, he was awarded the Grand Prize of Qwartz Music Awards (France) in the category of experimental / research.


Junya Oikawa

Sendai (Japon), 1983

Résidence: Karlsruhe (Allemagne)

  • Compositeur

Sur le web

Junya Oikawa, photo: Hiroyuki Agetsuma
Junya Oikawa, photo: Hiroyuki Agetsuma
  • Junya Oikawa, photo: Tetsu Hiraga, Kyoto (Japon)

Parutions principales

[Indépendant] / OIKAWA 2016 / 2016


Artistes divers
Musiques & Recherches / MR 2006 / 2007


Artistes divers
Monochrome Vision / MV EW / 2011
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