Filippo Paolini

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As a child he studied piano, drums, violin and solfeggio at conservatoire with no good results and decided to give up his plans to become a professional musician, but then he had some experiences in the impovisation music field. He begun to study graphic art, so he learnt to steal things and materials by others and to use them in a personal and creative way. Thanks to this attitude he approached the world of sounds again and, with a typical DIY stance, begun to make his own tape collages with some tape recorders and no mixer, simply using the pause button, for his personal amusement. In 1992 established a small pirate publishing house of comics and tapes called Slap Press, so questioning the copyright and authorship matters. At the same time he became an active member of MACOS. Suite

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Filippo Paolini

Versailles (Yvelines, France), 1966

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