… fetters…

Natasha Barrett

… fetters…

  • Natasha Barrett
  • Année de composition: 2002
  • Durée: 14:40
  • Instrumentation: support stéréo
  • Commande: Norsk Rikskringkasting (NRK)
Ce texte n’est pas disponible en français.

The laws of physics describing the activity of molecules within an enclosure explain how energy input will result in faster and more violent activity, until the enclosure breaks under the increased pressure. Both the dramatic and sonic content of … fetters… fi nd place within these laws, yet the idea of the enclosure breaking apart is paradoxically flawed: beyond one enclosure there is a second and a third.

… fetters… is the second of two compositions related to the music-theatre work AGORA, where the concept and reality of an enclosure infl uence the drama in the work. Extracts from The Poetic Edda in original Old Norse spoken by Magnus Rindhal, environmental recordings from Smithfi eld market in London’s East End; and the female voice of soprano Kristin Norderval provide the main sound material.

… fetters… (originally … the fetters of a dream…) was commissioned by Norsk Rikskringkasting (NRK) — the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation — in 2002. The work was awarded the Nordisk Råds Musikkpris (Nordic Council Music Prize) on June 3, 2006.