Œuvres Pendlerdrøm Barry Truax


  • Barry Truax
  • Année de composition: 1997
  • Durée: 11:59
  • Instrumentation: support 2 / 8 canaux
  • Éditeur(s): Cambridge Street Publishing
  • ISWC: T0708634869
Ce texte n’est pas disponible en français.

Pendlerdrøm (or “Commuterdream”) is a soundscape composition that recreates a commuter’s trip home from the Central Train Station in Copenhagen. At two points, one in the station and the other on the train, the commuter lapses into a daydream in which the sounds that were only half heard in the station return to reveal their musical qualities. It is hoped that the next day the commuter will hear the musicality of the station’s soundscape in a different manner as a result of the dream; the rest of us may discover the very same aspects the second time we hear the work. Pendlerdrøm was commissioned by the Danish group SKRAEP in conjunction with a project concerning commuters. They provided the original one-hour recording on which this piece is based.


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