Resonant Image

Adrian Moore / Adrian Moore

Resonant Image

  • Adrian Moore / Adrian Moore
  • Année de composition: 2003
  • Durée: 9:52
  • Forme: vidéomusique
  • Instrumentation: support stéréo et vidéo
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Resonant Image is an abstract surround sound and video piece. Theories, meanings and use of the word ‘resonance’ fascinate me. Resonant systems often involve finding a point where equal and opposite forces work together. At the same time, we know most systems leak energy so we must continue to supply energy. The word applied to the human world of thoughts, feelings and desires often allows us to feel ‘connected’ without necessarily knowing why. As a metaphor for connecting with music and image (sound and light energy), this word is ideal.

Sound and image are drawn from a variety of sources both natural and synthetic. Images of the elements are coloured with the full spectrum of light. The majority of the sounds stem from recordings of traditional western instruments that are treated to within the boarders of noise or filtered towards pure tones. The majority of the sound is in stereo but the surround, center and low-frequency speakers (in the 5.1 mix) work to reinforce the potency of certain moments and give an added dimension to the perceived three-dimensionality of some of the visual images.

Resonant Image was mixed in Samplitude and Adobe Premiere in 2003 at the composer’s studio. All footage was shot in PAL format on a Canon XM2. Manipulation of sound utilised programmes on both Macintosh and PC. Image was manipulated using effects in Premiere and Artmatic on the Macintosh. Resonant Image released on Computer Music Journal, Vol 27, Number 4. Winter 2003. MIT Press.