Despite Bright Ideas

Andrew Staniland / Jill Battson

Despite Bright Ideas

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Despite Bright Ideas is a piece based on a collaboration I did with poet Jill Battson in February 2006 at the Arthaus Performance Art Festival in Toronto (Canada). The work is composed using a short excerpt of Jill Battson’s reading of her poem You Make Me Feel So Jung. Despite Bright Ideas is part of our larger work in progress, LinguaElastic, a crosspollination of spoken poetry and electroacoustic sound art. LinguaElastic will premiere in January 2007 at the Elora Centre for the Arts (Elora, Canada). This project marks our second major collaboration, the first being a critically acclaimed operetta, Ashlike in the Cradle of the Wind, produced by Tapestry New Works Opera in Toronto (Canada).

[source: Réseaux des arts médiatiques]