Inventing Air

John Young

Inventing Air

  • John Young
  • Année de composition: 2013
  • Durée: 11:50
  • Instrumentation: support 23.1 canaux
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To Vendela

The title of this piece is derived from an e e cummings poem — evoking imagery of twilight as a vast spatial canvas for birdsong and a zone of spiritual reflection. In the work I wanted to create the sense of intimate fusion between the sculpting and interaction of sound figures and the notion of surrounding air as tangible space in itself. I was inspired by the idea of sounds, as spectral forms, leaving gestural traces that continually give definition to an emerging spatial architecture. As such, Inventing Air aims to project a structure in which a set of spatially and sonically rich material is continuously reinvented and recontextualised.

As the first movement of the overarching work Forms of Space, Inventing Air precedes Smoke and Mirrors to stimulate awareness of the space around the listener from which more recognisable, naturalistic sounds will emerge.


  • 21 novembre 2013, L’Espace du son 2013: Carte blanche et concert portrait: John Young, Théâtre Marni, Bruxelles (Belgique)