Le chant en dehors

John Young

Le chant en dehors

  • John Young
  • Année de composition: 2022
  • Durée: 10:11
  • Instrumentation: support 16.2 canaux [dôme]
Ce texte n’est pas disponible en français.

Le chant en dehors creates an atmosphere of evolving connections between sonorities of definite and indefinite pitch, or ‘tone’ and ‘noise’. The title is taken from an instruction used by Poulenc — to ‘bring out the tune’. The spatial setting of the work explores ways in which noise-based material tends to be more active within the three-dimensional frame than focally pitched / resonant sounds. In Le chant en dehors these contrasting types of sonority are placed in changing patterns of interaction to evoke waves of tension and release.



  • 4 juin 2022, Klang! électroacoustique 2022: Ambrose Seddon; John Young, Salle Molière — Opéra Comédie, Montpellier (Hérault, France)