Hidden Values

Natasha Barrett

  • Année de composition: 2012
  • Durée: 20:04
  • Instrumentation: support stéréo


Ce texte n’est pas disponible en français.

Hidden Values explores through drama and metaphor three ancient and seemingly minor inventions have shaped our societies and affect our everyday in a multitude of ways: the umbrella, the lock (and key) and sight correction. The Umbrella protects from rain, snow, sun and wind. It protects and saves, defends and deflects, covers and disguises; Optical Tubes, apparently invented by Descartes, were glass tubes that touched the eyeball like contact lenses. We can choose to see the world in focus or through a soft haze; The invention of the lock and key can be traced back over 4000 years and as metaphors have been used throughout literary and dramatic history. Locked doors provide safety in a modern world. A lock hides secrets from prying eyes, locks people in, locks people out, symbolises power and ownership. The Lock plays out a drama between two forces: one represented by the female voice, the other by percussion instruments.