Exploratio Invisibilis

Natasha Barrett

  • Année de composition: 2003
  • Durée: 27:30
  • Instrumentation: support stéréo
  • Commande: Ultima Festival

Ce texte n’est pas disponible en français.

In ‘seeking’ we may travel far. At least we believe we have travelled. Sometimes the thing we seek is with us all along, in all its beauty, intrigue or ugliness. We just don’t know it. The great explorers travelled to the ‘unknown’, looking for treasures and new lands. Some of the greatest are rumoured to have described fictional adventures, travelling only in their imagination. Maybe what they sought was of a different nature to what they thought. Exploratio Invisibilis carries the listener on their own 30-minute voyage through a energy fi lled landscape of implication, sound, and silence. To the south. Confronted storms, traversed rivers, plunging into the ocean, submerged. Ice. Knocking creaking shards, bubbles heavy breath. Breaking through. The whole pack was in motion, as if impelled by some mysterious force. Pressing onward. The haze suddenly dispersed. Revealed. Treasured. Fleeting.

Exploratio Invisibilis was commissioned by the Ultima Festival.