Arctic Winds

Maggi Payne

  • Année de composition: 2007
  • Durée: 9:51
  • Instrumentation: support stéréo


Ce texte n’est pas disponible en français.

(Where I’ve never been, but dream of.) Arctic Winds is sparse, with occasional frantic “windstorms” stirring up the vast frozen expanse. Everything is suspended, in near silence, with occasional forays dropping low into blasts of “wind.” Each sound is crystallized, exaggerated, as in our dreams. The primary sound sources are dry ice and several sizes of ball bearings rolling across a variety of drumheads, attached and unattached. I started working on this piece when I had a 102 degree temperature coupled with chills for three days. I suspect that experiencing those internal extremes conjured up those beautiful arctic dreams and this somewhat over-the-top, playful piece.

[source: maggipayne.com]