New Music Report: Electro-Ambiance

Cliff Furnald, CMJ (College Media Journal), 21 février 1994

Each is a diverse collage of environmental and electronic sounds, choral groups and acoustic ensembles. Brégent’s Atlantide uses the myth of the lost kingdom of Atlantis as an allegory for contemporary society, a schizophrenic place where ‘singularists’ and ‘pluralists’ vie for control of the race. He sees this radio drama as an antidote, “a radiophonic alarm… to draw people out of their daily lethargy.” Atlantide’s powerful, almost visual images go to a place deeper than a mere ‘message’ could, delivering its sounds directly to the soul. Golgot(h)a traces the walk of Christ to his crucifiction. The ensemble consists of horns, sampled voices, organ and natural percussion. This is not so much a work of faith as a potent social commentary, an angry, sometimes caustic sound assembloge charting the darkness of human society and the strength of the individual human spirit. Both works need to be aired in full, and deserve your airtime.