Minus A, Village Voice, no 64, 29 avril 1997

The guru of the synclavier has released a couple of new works, but mostly old pieces that hadn’t been available in decades. Appleton’s pieces stand apart from electro musics’s technology-driven history, often with refreshing, purposeful naïveté. In 1969 he made a piece called Newark Airport Rock by recording the answers of passing strangers to his question, “What do you think about the new electronic music?” That’s here with its 1996 sequel, in wich the best answer is “I don’t know what your talking about, I’ve just come from England.” The early works using ethnic music and environmental sounds seem timely in today’s sampler-driven scene, and I like the dreamy simplicity of the synthetised In Medias Res. Naturally, the disc ends with the once famous Chef d’œuvre of 1967, based on a Chef Boy-ar-dee TV commercial.

Appleton’s pieces stand apart […] often with refreshing, purposeful naïveté.