Glenn McDonald, The War Against Silence, no 143, 23 octobre 1997

I’m sure there’s as much distinctive nuance in electroacoustic music as there is in anything else, but I clearly haven’t learned to spot it yet, as Stéphane Roy’s Kaleidos sounds to me like a continuation of Harrison’s record.

The stars have calmed down a little. Perhaps now they are reminiscing, instead of berating each other; the sequences of sounds build more slowly, and flutter through more intermediary tones, rather than careening breathlessly from octave to octave. There is a bit more textural density, some of Harrison’s spasmodic flare sublimated into an atmospheric sparkle. Roy manages a bit of instrumental reverse-weirdness, too, on Mimetismo, where some of the alien parts are transposed for Arturo Parra’s guitar. Played back to back, though, these two albums [Harrison’s Articles indéfinis and Roy’s Kaleidos] seem to me like an epic 2001-esque expansion of the black-hole journey that Rush glossed over in the transition from Cygnus X-1 to Hemispheres.

… a bit of instrumental reverse-weirdness…

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