Alan Freeman, Audion, no 39, 1 décembre 1997

A student of Francis Dhomont and the winner of numerous awards, Stéphane Roy is a new name to keep a look-out-for, that is if you’re interested in sonic construction in the manner of François Bayle and the likes. This is a sound-world, where music of a marginally melodic but often dissonant nature is created from the most unlikely sources. The four works on this disc all have their own unique focus: Mimetismo, wich deconstruct the playing of an acoustic guitar; Paysages intérieurs where excellent use is made of digital processing for a weirdly surreal cosmic feel; Ondes / Arborescences in wich percussive sounds are ripped apart, reverberated and shattered; and finally Crystal Music where the sounds created are indescribable in their fragility, power and diversity. It adds up to a fascinating disc and another worthy addition to empreintes DIGITALes’ budget “Compact Compact” series.

It adds up to a fascinating disc…

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