Tom Schulte, Outsight, 1 octobre 1998

DIFFUSION i MéDIA’s empreintes DIGITALes continues a tradition of excellently produced artistically packaged issues of avant-garde compositions from unique electronic composers. Annette Vande Gorne is a figure in the experimental electroacoustic composition and acousmatic music since the tape manipulation days of the early 80’s. On Impalpables she sets an eerie and delicate sonic backdrop of synth murmurs and sampled strings to the poems of Werner Lambersy. The readings are in the French poet’s native tongue, but English translations are provided in the 48-page booklet. Whether understood literally by the listener, his crisply delivered themes of existential fantasy and nighttime are enhanced by Vande Gorne’s otherworldly support. (Vande Gorne: 3/5)