Alan Freeman, Audion, no 42, 1 mars 2000

Ah, the weird sonic world of empreintes DIGITALes, with an ever growing catalogue of curious and creative music. […]

As ever all their CD’s are fascinating inventions in sonic art and electroacoustic music.

Daoust is a name we’ve encountered many a time before, and this new collection of works (dating 1986-94) shows him at his best in melding sound into a melodic/amelodic texture. Each of the six tracks has a different focus: Impromptu celebrates discovery with diverse sonic coincidences, Il était une fois… (conte sans paroles) is a brilliant piece of deep resonant cosmic music, Mi bémol sound like a little avant-garde firework display, Résonances presents a carillon of bells in a variety of mutations, Water Music whilst being constructed from water sounds is not quite what you’d expect (I won’t spoil the surprise), and then finally we have Fantaisie in which Daoust lets all his ideas run free, as a sort of bizarre sonic movie. All fascinating stuff, and largely original in style and conception.

… fascinating…