Mathew Adkins, SAN Diffusion, 1 mars 2001

Unlike all of the other disks from empreintes DIGITALes that concentrate on the work of a single composer, Kristoff K.Roll is the performing/composing duo of Carole Rieussec and Jean–Christophe Camps, who compose and improvise, attempting to capture the poetry of everyday life from amongst the musical worlds and their codes.

Described as a musical travel diary, Corazón Road takes you on a sonic trip around Central America. Like any diary, small excerpts and fragments reveal only a little of the whole. So it is with Corazón Road. You have to listen to the disk right through to get the impression of what Camps and Rieussec are trying to create. In its treatment of the collected sonic environments this is not merely an ethnomusicological set of location recordings, neither is it a musical work in the mould of Telemusik, rather it is more like a hörspiel — a play in four acts with a prologue and two interludes in which sonic set pieces, vignettes, raw recordings and composed material rub shoulders to create a hybrid that is more like the scrapbook we all used to keep combining photos, tickets, postcards and our own written memories.

This disk is intoxicating from beginning to end. As a listener you become so absorbed in the sound world that the numerous sections of the work become irrelevant after a while — they become mere parts of a bigger journey. One of the reasons that this sound world is so engrossing is because of the sense of timing and pacing of material. Camps and Rieussec have an extremely keen ear that carefully balances the composed and the anecdotal, activity and repose. One of the best example of this occurs in the central part Belize City where the quiet and evocative Derrière la fenêtre (Behind the Window) and Un bateau arrive (A Boat is Arriving) are juxtaposed with the raw, raucous sound of the Belizean Rappers rounded off by the advice all travellers should heed once in a while, It will be better for you to take a bus

Diary extracts, photos and maps in the liner booklet complete the travelogue. Though these are interesting, you could do no better that to listen and let you imagination do the rest.

… listen and let you imagination do the rest.