Bart Plantenga, wReck thiS MeSS, 9 décembre 2001

… dans le silence de la nuit… on empreintes DIGITALes Gilles Gobeil is another veteran of that Montréal sound best described as tightly wound gift-wrapped parcels of intense sonic phenomena. The material has a way of exploding, of skulking, of waiting in silience, of groaning and mugging one’s preconceptions about the psycho-acoustic possibilities of music. The compositions seem at once well-yoked to the human need to control one’s environment and then just as suddenly the material seems to squirt out in splattering explosions of sonic fireworks as if the compositions have a built-in autonomous characteristic that allows them to exist as something in-between serious composition and sonic documents of the world at large… The works here are nightmarish evocations of his readings of Proust, HG Wells and Jules Verne. Derrière la porte la plus éloignée… is an impressionistic sonic illumination of Venice, Italy.

… tightly wound gift-wrapped parcels of intense sonic phenomena.

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