Geert De Decker, Sztuka Fabryka, 14 janvier 2002

The compositions on this CD are very delicate. Within each track a different sound source is used to create a composition. In track no. 1 for example earthenware casseroles from the kitchen, cow-bells, metal rods, are used as instrument. In the beginning of the track you hear the natural sound of the casseroles when used as an instrument. Moving forward in the track the natural sounds are combined with electronic generated sounds. These intrusions within the nature of the sound highlight the nature of the material very fine. In all other tracks this is also applied, in no. 2 for example we hear recorded sounds of streets, nature and human activity as base for the composition. These sound sources are also slightly electronic adapted and added with electronic sounds. These electronic sounds appears undecided within the recorded sound source as it might happens daily on the streets and nature. These sounds adds and extra dimension and the composition would be wonderful as sound track for a movie. In track 3 foam is used as material. The several possibilities how you can handle this material is recorded and added with electronic generated sounds from the material. The composition is also stressful which highlights the typical sound that this package makes usually. Also in the latest 2 tracks the natural sounds of the used material is highlighted in the composition using this time wood and water.