Barry Schrader, Computer Music Journal, no 36:3, 1 septembre 2012

[…] electroacoustic music (as opposed to acoustic music) is now the dominant creative medium of music in much of the world. With this being the case, one would expect that contemporary masters of the medium would have appeared by now, the pioneering phase having been over for some time. Of course, this is the case, and there are several composers who fit nicely into this category. One of these is composer Elainie Lillios, and her mastery of the medium is aptly demonstrated in her excellent new CD, Entre espaces, released on the empreintes DIGITALes label. […]

After listening to Entre espaces, we know her as a composer and can come to a well-deserved appreciation of her work. […]

The audio quality of this CD is excellent. It has been mixed and mastered with a high regard for the original material, and retains a wonderfully wide dynamic range. It represents, I think, Lillios’s intentions in the best way possible that can be achieved with a stereo CD. Listening to Entre espaces takes the listener on an excursion not only through Lillilos’s recent work, but also through her imagination and technical prowess. It is a journey not to be missed. […]

It is a journey not to be missed.

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