Audion, no 45, 1 septembre 2001

There’s a very blurred area at the edge of musique-concrete, where the ‘music’ element is almost lost in what is really pure sonic art. Metamkine call this sort of thing ‘Cinema For The Ears’ as it is really more like being inside some sound environment (or at least as an onlooker) witnessing all this sonic commotion, clanking metal, snapping wood, and the likes. Really, for much of the time this could be a collage constructed from the sounds in a mill or foundry. Actually, sometimes we seem to be trapped in a wooden box, which is being carted around really clumsily, then we end up inside a water tank! I guess you get the idea! It’s all put together rather well, and there’s good use of effects and processing, all amounting to pure art.

… really pure sonic art…