Vito Camarretta, Chain DLK, 25 mars 2013

Headphones become an entrance ticket for a sort of representation within representation by means of this bizarre release by Kristoff K.Roll (J-Kristoff Camps and Carole Rieussec), who focused on so-called dream narrative, not properly on dreams themselves. Their weaving of really immersive field recordings and inoculated frequencies lies on the perceptive threshold between outer happenings (hoo-ha or voices which sounds like coming from wide halls of consciousness before blackout and random dream assemblage, interferences of television broadcasting, traffic noises, chirping birds, barking dogs and so on are so perfectly rendered that listeners are going to experience a really immersive listening) and inner transfiguration which characterizes the half-sleep and dream states during occasional naps from the viewpoint of a napper, so that auditory stimulations get deliberately warped while each napper reports its own dream as a tagline and preface (in French) to the following sonic probing over the three long lasting tracks. Dreams or it’s better to say the deforming lens of dreams look like the real source of sounds, which awakens speechless archetypes, which inhabit inner depths of napper’s mind and resurface from the creases of senses while dozing under the perogla of frequencies. The final result is really interesting and the duo is so aware of it, that Carole and J-Kristoff are planning to buld a proper library of dream narrative by inviting listeners to record their own dream reports and some audio files to request a personal recording session to them. Just check À l’ombre des ondes and submit your file into this bizarre library in case you got intrigued by their odd sound concept.

The final result is really interesting…