Vils di Santo, Incursion Music Review, 27 mai 2002

Once you get past the torrid package design of this release, you will find a pleasing array of upbeat, knotty little tracks from Québec’s Frédérick Blouin. The mood is light and quirky, with softly crunching beats backing effortless melodies and layered syncopations. The disc is a collection of tracks recorded between 1995 and 2001, and as such, could be construed as some sort of “historical” release. But on listening to the disc, you will find that there is a sense of timelessness about the pieces here. They may very well have been recorded some years ago, but they still sound freshly constructed, and rival a good number of electro artists’ releases from today. Perhaps it is the premise of keeping things simple that engages, or perhaps the fact there are no real musical “trends” prevalent in the music here, just well-formed and entertaining compositions to reach your ears. A very worthwhile release, from beginning to end.

… well-formed and entertaining compositions… A very worthwhile release, from beginning to end.