Peter Marinus, NL Groovemaster, 25 août 2002

Annette Vande Gorne is a Belgian professor of electroacoustic compositions and also the programmer of the International Acousmatic Festival in Brussels. On this CD she weaves music and text together by using the poems of the Belgian poem Werner Lambersy, read by Vincent Smetana, in her tape manipulations. The result is a very unusual CD which at times sounds very spacey and new age-ish. There’s a lot happening in the songs. Le ginkgo has manipulated floating synthesizer sounds, buzzing heavily, over which the poems are read. This piece sounds very calming. It stays very interesting because of the use of different sounds and the difference in dynamics. It all seems as if you’re floating thru space and every once in a while a meteor comes flashing by. Architecture nuit consists of a poem,read over a manipulated tape. Different voices melt together here. Each with its own sound and atmosphere. Sometimes cutting industrial noises, bubbling sounds, whispering and bashing percussion interfere. Noces noires is a dark poem with sounds of bells, flutes and crackling noises. This piece takes more than half an hour but continues to stay interesting. A very unusual, but very interesting CD. Sounding like a thrilling radioplay.