Frans de Waard, Vital, no 343, 15 octobre 2002

In the reknowned series of Metamkine, cinema for the ears, two new releases, and both composers have been presented in this series before. The first is by Michèle Bokanowski, who has worked at Ina-GRM and studied computer music and electronic music with Éliane Radigue. Her piece is built around a short vocal sample, possibly saying the words ‘absinth star’, which is repeated throughout the piece. Hard to recognize because the sound shoots by like a falling star. Other sounds move around the vocal sample like heavenly bodies floating in weightless space. Every comes and goes by in a most austere piece, that is almost like a soundtrack for a Sci-Fi movie. Icy, chilly, small textures floating by, astral voices speak from beyond. Nice work.

Michel Chion now has his third mini CD in this series, and is what it is titled: seventeen minutes. Seventeen minutes of musique concrète. Chion works with the idea of real time, which is odd in musique concrète, because there people work with fixed, pre-recorded sounds. Dix-sept minutes is a collage of found sounds, outdoor, indoor, media sounds, which all merge together into a tense collage of sound, which at times is a true pandemonium, but most of the times they work nicely a long each other. A strong work.

A strong work.