Robin Tomens, Include Me Out, 1 septembre 2015

Adrian Moore’s Séquences et tropes on empreintes DIGITALes offers an alternate future, sonically-speaking, again it’s in a tradition, this time electroacoustic, which like Der Zyklus has remained immune to trends because it’s above and beyond them… it’s far off on another sonic planet, the gravitational pull of which is worth succumbing to, although it’s easy to resist, this being sound rather than music… and we know how easy that is to dismiss… but you’d be stupid to do so… and you don’t want to appear stupid, do you? Electroacoustic sound-makers aren’t stupid; they’re proper technicians who may not be much good at shopping, or cooking, although I don’t want to suggest that of Alan Moore… but the impression I get is that they absolutely live for sound, the sounds in their heads transcribed by technology in fine detail… as can be heard on this selection from 2012/13/14 — but dates don’t matter, except to signify the relevance, ongoing, of this artform, exemplified by Counterattack, which follows The Battle, but what kind of warfare is being conducted? Is it between brain cells? Or next century viral microbes in the war for our minds? Either way, Moore’s creations will rearrange the stuff between your ears.

Moore’s creations will rearrange the stuff between your ears