Ios Smolders, Vital, no 357, 30 janvier 2003

It has been some time that I listened to a new release of electroacoustic music, so imagine I was anxious to hear some new ones that I found on my doormat. empreintes DIGITALes releases the music of mostly classically trained electroacoustic composers. The music is well-produced, sounds perfect. The music is also well-documented and the sleeves are artful as well as tasteful. Very well balanced releases. Let’s get on to the first release, Natasha Barrett’s Isostasie. Of the three cd’s reviewed here this cd breathes the most human atmosphere. Unlike a lot of acousmatic compositions there is room for rest here. Many acousmatic composers tend to create dense layers of complex sounds that whirl around each other like inside a maelstrom. Barrett allows for calmth to get a place in the composition and we even hear a human voice. Sometimes she too uses the cliché of filtered basses to counteract with high pitched fluttering and her structures are not very original. Yet, in the best compositions (like Three Fictions (Northern Mix), Industrial Revelations) a very personal style appears and I’d really like to hear more of that. In other compositions (like in Viva la Selva!) the mimicry of the real world is too obvious, though. I would advise against that. (as if my opinion matters…)

… this cd breathes the most human atmosphere.