Frans de Waard, Vital, no 375, 18 juin 2003

A previous release by Books On Tape was reviewed in Vital Weekly 361 and here is it’s follow up, a blue vinyl 10” on the No Type label. Books On Tape is Todd Drootin from New York and sometimes works as/with Click Tracy, Dewey Decimator (with Kerri Kerrang), Sluts On Tape (with Eryk Salvaggio), Tape Science Version (with Dustin Craig, who is also Headphone Science, see our last week’s issue) and Box Social (with David Klotz of Fonda). As Books On Tape he works in the realms of dance music, but always with a very healthy dose of punk rock inspiration. The three tracks on this 10” are up to the expectations: a driving rhythm, packed with voice samples and police siren like synths. Music for the rougher edges of dance floors. The b-side Track and Field Song, which takes up the entire side might be a bit long, and maybe it would have been better to do four tracks instead of three on this record, and it would have kept the energy level higher.

The three tracks on this 10” are up to the expectations…