Richard di Santo, Incursion Music Review, no 026, 29 avril 2001

In what is referred to collectively as the British Connection, empreintes DIGITALes recently released these three discs featuring the works of three prominent electroacoustic composers from the UK. […] Adrian Moore’s Traces, documenting five electroacoustic compositions realised between 1994 and 1997, offers “a search for the hidden, both within the piece and within the sound”. In his liner notes, Moore rightly points out that “it is this hidden property in certain sounds that still excites the ear”. And so in each of these five pieces Moore dives right into his sound sources and opens them up for our perception and participation. In Study in Ink, for example, Moore takes his single sound source of a marker on whiteboard and creates a remarkable soundworld, filling me with wonder at his electroacoustic magic. In another example of Moore’s sonic ingenuity, Sieve is a “radiogenic” work dealing with natural sounds and the electronic manipulation of these sounds; all manner of found sounds (bird calls, rainfall, etc.), become a part of this hyper-collage, which is teeming with activity and minute noises. Excellent work, and an overall intriguing record.

Excellent work, and an overall intriguing record.