Prosper Prodaniuk, See Magazine, 5 septembre 2003

Also more easily available, thanks to a recent distribution deal with Fusion3, is Montréal’s No Type. Originally an MP3-only label, their releases stretch from the abstract breakbeat sound of Sluts On Tape to the electro-pop of Oeuf Korreckt and on to crazier experiments with sound and noise. The Freest of Radicals, a double disc release, is the best place to start. Made for the adventurous, its quality is high, as exemplified by: Tomas Jirku’s I Think I’m In Love-minimal techno of the highest order; Camp’s Oeee, which takes the blueprint of drum’n’bass, glitches it up and drops it on its head; and Jon Vaughn’s Bouncing Ball (1 of 2) + Gravel Road, an interpolation of two of his pieces that meet for some of the craziest, yet funkiest techno that you’ll ever hear.

The second disc is full of innovation as well. Alphacat’s Waveporn speeds up some electro, plays with conventions for a bit, and then morphs into a slamming piece of techno that’s perfect for the dance floors of Tresor. Most of what’s listed here is the best of the accessible stuff. There are a few noise tracks, some sonic experimentalism and improvisation as well. But if you want some new sounds - and not ones that happened to come out this week - track it down. Other MP3 goodies can also be found at http://www.notype.com/.

Made for the adventurous, its quality is high…