Frans de Waard, Vital, no 598, 22 octobre 2007

Following the three very limited releases on CDR by Milliseconde topographie which I reviewed in Vital Weekly 559, there is now a full length DVD-Video release, pressed and all. Milliseconde topographie, a duo from Montréal, work here together on both the music and the visual aspects of the project. The DVD-Video is divided in three parts, of which the final one is just audio. Like I am stating elsewhere, I am of course highly flattered to review stuff like this, but also video art is not my speciality. I have not enough (or none at all, whichever you prefer) knowledge of the what it is, the possibilities, the techniques and the history. This all makes it hard to say something about the visual part of it. The images are processed by computer means, over layered with other images and text. Seasides, trees, and abstract images. I can only say something in relation to the music, and that is a fine combination. Milliseconde topographie work with processed musical instruments, electronics, and above all computers. Things hiss, crack, glitch like there is no tomorrow. Warm, glitchy music that fits the images well. No, let me rephrase that: the images fit the music well. Best watched in a darkened room, with the music connected to your amplifier, unless of course you have a nice DVD-Video set up at home. Late night visual and musical poetry, and better than the crap on TV anyway.

Things hiss, crack, glitch like there is no tomorrow.