Just Another Genius: Nicolas Bernier

Sven Swift, 12rec.net, 21 juin 2008

In concert with Simon Trottier, Nicolas Bernier provided one of the most astonishing, most beautiful, most adventurous 12rec.net-releases. Probably many of you remember Objet abandonné en mer. The guys were quite active during the last year, working hard to bring Objet to stages around Montréal. But Bernier’s musical output is far more versatile. In close cooperation with his own Ekumen collective and No Type Netlabel, several records had been published before. Now, two new records are available for download and CD-purchase.

First of all, there’s a fine EP of collective improvisation music to fetch at No Type. Alongside Alexis Bellavance and Érick d’Orion, Nicolas Bernier provides expanded electroacoustic collages, field-recordings and subtle ambient textures. Especially the first two tracks Le duel and Paysage made me listen up. The art of this Montréal triple is to bring their academic sonic research to musical forms. Fresh!

Second — and here we need a drum roll!Nicolas Bernier published his first real solo record. The album is entitled Les arbres and comes off as a CD with six fine poster cards by graphic designer Urban9 (who also did the art for Objet). Six exquisite songs of crackling textures, harmonic drones and ambient extravaganza. Les arbres is released at No Type but no free download. This is what the label says about it:

“Sonic landscapes and slow textures meet with precise articulations, all this resting on a minimal orchestration made of guitars, brass instruments, vibes, accordions and strings. In short: a stimulating record, a remarkable attention to detail and excellent production quality, making for an unfailingly rewarding listening experience.”

Purchase, baby!

Six exquisite songs of crackling textures, harmonic drones and ambient extravaganza […] Purchase, baby!