Sheikh Ahmed, Absorb, 1 décembre 2003

His excellent album impressed us jaded twats here at Absorb towers and this is pretty much more of the same. Calling his style of music ‘beatpunk’ - combining the energy of rogue punk with the instrumentation of electronic music - seems an apt name to give it. It’s a name that could also be shared by several other artists as well, who seem to be taking cues from electronica’s experimentation and wrapping it around their indie.

The title track is heavy stuff; like Dj Shadow battling with organs and lo-slung b-lines. Coming on like a spy movie theme replete with that all essential zither vibe. Oceania is inverted funk; growling chords dirty what is otherwise a laid back diversion. Track and Field Song is a superb way out of here. Just a melting pot mix of sub-rave style chords, playful melodies and a bizarre cacophony of vocal snatches. Take heed from Mr. Books: throw down your laptops!

His excellent album impressed us […] and this is pretty much more of the same.