Michael Ornadet, Logo Magazine, 15 mars 2004

Too often, experimental electronica is a euphemism for music that contains good ideas but no tunes, sounds that display an impressive mastery of studio techniques but no idea of how to utilize those tools to make anything even loosely related to actual music. Occasionally though, in the hands of Squarepusher, Pole and now Todd Drootin - also known as Todd Books, aka Books on Tape - it’s a genuinely new musical form that deserves its own section in the encyclopaedia. The micromanipulated beats that underpin much of this second Books on Tape album sound like Autechre at their most accessible best; most importantly though, Drootin reveals himself as a master of telling stories without using words, making Sings the Blues a fascinating journey into one man’s psyche and a foot-tapper to boot.

… a master of telling stories without using words…