Geert De Decker, Sztuka Fabryka, 14 janvier 2002

After studying harpsichord performance Yves Beaupré devoted himself to the building of harpsichords. The last twenty years he has builded about hundred instruments including spinets and virginals also. He is also interested in acoustic research on timbres and materials and since 1985 in sound recording. The material on this CD comes from six hours of tapes which he recorded during the construction of harpsichord. Recordings from the materials, the tools… used in this process. It needed only the skill of the musician afterwords to transform raw material into a composition. This has resulted into warm compositions which you can compare with ambient music. The sounds has the vibe of strings or the warm feeling of wood. The sounds are edited in such way that it creates musical compositions which sounds as it is improvised. Yet a hidden structure and rhythm transforms it into atmospheric compositions. This thanks to the computerised transformation of the recorded material. It is a wonderful CD with warm electronic transformed improvised music.

… resulted into warm compositions…

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