Zookeeper Online, 23 février 2005

“Digital noise” self proclaimed “musique concrete”, looped and layered electroacoustics, most notably masterfully manipulated amplified turntables of Otomo Yoshihide and Martin Tétreault. Incredible stuff, elevating the realm of avant noise at least 3 notches.

  1. Scratching under trippy chimes starts this, followed by crunchy sounds, rumbles, tone bursts, you name it, builds intensity then chills [approx] 7 min in, reassembles, awesome
  2. Digital madness, looped and rhythmic in a cool way
  3. Looped vague rhythm, doomy creepy noises build and become lush
  4. Harsh layers immediately, jungly drums give this an electro flare
  5. Industrial noise feel at outset, electro noise drums appear benieath, grows solemn and chill ~6 min then the layers build again, long piece
  6. Starts chill, sparse, builds ~3 min heavy noise layers, quiets ~9 min
  7. Noisey from outset, layered droney higher pitched, builds intensity, mellows at end
  8. Looped creepiness, intense
  9. Collage feel, more avante, layers of interesting sounds

… elevating the realm of avant noise at least 3 notches.